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Signs Your Refrigerator or Dishwasher Needs Repairs

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Your home's refrigerator should last around 13 years, while your dishwasher has an even shorter lifespan: around nine years. When these two appliances fail to operate as they should, your kitchen becomes a less functional space.
It's often cheaper to repair appliances than it is to replace them, especially when you catch minor issues before they become more costly ones. Here are signs that either your refrigerator or dishwasher needs repairs


Your refrigerator will give you some subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs that it's about to fail. Pay close attention to the following symptoms of a poorly operating fridge.
Hot to the Touch
Your refrigerator should be warm when its motor is running (which is fairly often, as your fridge has to constantly maintain evenly cool temperatures in its interior). However, your fridge should never be hot. If the back, sides, or top of your fridge are warmer than usual or you can smell an odor similar to hot coils around your fridge, call your appliance repair person right away.
Food/Beverages Are Unevenly Cooled
Some parts of your fridge may be freezing food items while other areas barely keep food cold. Frozen or too-warm food items can become spoiled. Check the thermostat in your fridge β€” the thermostat is typically located where the lightbulb goes β€” to make sure the settings are correct. If the thermostat has not been bumped, then call your appliance repair specialist to see what is causing your fridge to operate unreliably.
Damaged Seals
If your refrigerator doors won't stay shut or do close but pop open again frequently, check your door seals. Your fridge's seals should be free of tears, missing seal lengths, and food debris that can interrupt a proper seal. This type of repair is relatively inexpensive β€” your appliance repair specialist will install new seals on your refrigerator and freezer doors.
Here's a tip: Sealing issues are common in dishwashers as well. Have your appliance specialist check your dishwasher seals when they repair your fridge.
Weird Sounds
If your refrigerator makes any other sounds other than a dull hum, then you need to call a specialist for repairs. Whining, grinding, shuddering, and other strange noises could be a sign of motor failure.


Your dishwasher will let you known in various ways when it is in need of repairs.
Water Outside Unit
If water is outside your dishwasher, several things could be wrong. The door may not be sealing properly, the wash/rinse cycles may not be draining properly, or your dishwasher door may not be fully locking. Never open a dishwasher while it’s in operation, or you could get hurt. Call a repair specialist to find out where the water is coming from.
Dirty Dishes
If your dishes are coming out of your dishwasher almost as filthy as they went in, your dishwasher may have sediment in its water lines or be only running a few spray valves. Clogged valves can lead to an over-worked motor, so have your dishwasher checked out.
Foul Odors
Sometimes food residue can get stuck inside one of the components of your dishwasher, leading to a rotten or sulfurous odor. Your appliance repair specialist will take your dishwasher unit apart to identify the cause of the stink and make repairs as needed.
Water Temperature
If your dishwasher is unable to produce hot enough water to keep your dishes clean or if hot water runs out too fast, then repairs are likely in order. A heating unit within the appliance may be out.
Never attempt to repair your refrigerator or dishwasher on your own. Allow our specialists at CRC Appliance Repair Service to repair your home's appliances and make them functional again. Call us today for an estimate for repairs.