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Repair, Don’t Replace, a Nonfunctioning Household Appliance

Home Appliances
Home appliances are important components of a contemporary household. They contribute to the functionality, ease, and comfort of a home. Today's appliances are improved and more efficient than older models, but they can still have issues.
If you have a nonfunctioning appliance, do not try to repair it yourself. Electrical appliances are complex devices and can be sources of severe injuries when not handled correctly.
To have your appliance correctly repaired, contact a high-quality appliance repair service. Ask what brands, makes, and models they regularly repair and choose one that has experience with your particular appliance.
Consider the following when you want to have a nonfunctioning appliance repaired.

The Appliance Is Under Warranty

When faced with a nonfunctioning appliance, check the warranty that came with your appliance when you bought it. Many home appliances have long-term manufacturer's warranties that can cover parts and labor costs for many months.
If you do not have a copy of the appliance warranty, contact the manufacturer. Have your purchase receipt on hand to tell the manufacturer the date and place of purchase. They can research the model of your appliance to see if it is still under warranty.

The Appliance Has a Longer Life Expectancy

Research the life expectancy of your home appliance online. If your appliance is expected to last for several more years and you have performed recommended routine maintenance to keep it in good condition, you can repair it instead of replacing it without suffering financial consequences.

The Appliance Is Well-Maintained

You should maintain your appliance according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This includes keeping it level and cleaning under and behind it regularly.
Here are a few other manufacturers' recommended maintenance tips for common household appliances:
Keep the interior clean and free of frost, and vacuum the coils when they get dusty. Clean the rubber door seals with a soft cloth and soapy water, and apply a small amount of petroleum jelly once a year to keep them pliable.
Clean the filter regularly to get rid of bits of food, seeds, and other items. Check the water jets in the dishwasher and remove any hard water and mineral deposits around them with a wooden toothpick.
Washing Machines
Leave the washer door open after doing laundry to allow the inside to completely dry to avoid mold or mildew growth. Check the rubber gasket around the washer door to make sure it is intact and not cracked.
Clothes Dryers
Remove lint from the lint trap after every load. Annually clean the inside exhaust vent and outside air vent to get rid of any lint that may collect there.

The Appliance Repair Is Thorough

Once you have an appliance repaired, the repair service technician will test it to see that all parts are strong and functioning well. If any components look worn or weak, they can be easily replaced at that time. This maintenance check will enable your appliance to run much longer than it would with original parts, so you want to make sure you find a repair company that is known for its thoroughness.

The Ecological Benefit Is Substantial

From an ecological point of view, repairing an appliance is preferable to adding another appliance to a local landfill. Household appliances are built with many hazardous chemicals and compounds that can harm the environment went discarded.

The Appliance Repair Service Is Dependable

When you want to have an appliance repaired, look for a repair service that is licensed and insured in your location. Make an appointment to have your nonworking appliance checked out by a potential repair technician and ask for an estimate of repair costs in writing.
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