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Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Washing Machine Cleans Properly

Hands of a young girl put clothes in the washing machine drum
Your washing machine is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing your clothing, so if they have a musty smell they may not be as clean as you think. The problem isn't your clothing, the problem is your machine.

If you aren't doing anything to maintain or clean your washing machine, lint and debris can build up and cause mold and mildew to grow inside your machine. Read on for tips to help you maintain your washing machine.

Clean the Rubber Gasket

Open the door to your front-loading washing machine and pull back the rubber gasket. This rubber gasket can trap lint, small pieces of clothing (such as socks), and objects that have been left in your pockets. Mold and mildew can grow in here as well. Clean this area out by:
  1. Pulling back the gasket and pull out the trapped objects
  2. Use a rag to clean out the inside of the gasket
  3. Remove as much of the debris as possible
  4. Get rid of mold/mildew by pouring a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water (in equal parts) inside the gasket and allowing it to sit before wiping it clean
A dirty or full rubber gasket can cause your washer to stink and can make your clothing smell as well. Keep the door on your machine open when not in use to prevent mold and mildew growth, and wipe down the gasket at least once per month.

Clean the Lint Trap and Inspect the Pump

A washing machine has a lint trap much like a dryer, although it may not be as easily accessible as your dryer’s trap. Some lint traps are located on the front and have a small panel to get to it, while others require you to tilt the machine back to remove the bottom panel to access the trap inside. Check your owner’s manual to find the location of your washer’s lint trap.

Wherever the lint trap is located, you need to remove the lint and other debris trapped inside. All of this lint can cause your machine to stink over time and can prevent your clothing from getting as clean as it should. Remove the lint and debris and then rinse the lint trap filter thoroughly.

The pump inside your machine can also trap debris and small pieces of clothing and can cause draining issues. If the water isn't draining or water is coming back into the machine, it may be due to this pump. Inspect the pump and clear out anything that may be clogging it.

Use the Clean Washer Cycle

In order to clean the interior of your machine, add bleach to the detergent bin and run the Clean Washer cycle. It will help clean and disinfect the entire inside of your machine.

When the cycle is finished, use a rag soaked in a bleach water solution or distilled white vinegar to wipe down the inside tub, as well as the seal around the door and the door itself. Take your cleaning a step further by using the rag to clean out the detergent bins as well.

Failing to maintain or clean your washing machine could result in a premature breakdown of your machine, clothing that isn't as clean as you would like, piping clogs, or even backed-up water in your machine.

If you have an issue with your machine and you aren't sure how to repair it, don't look for a new machine just yet. Call CRC Appliance Repair Service today for a diagnosis and repair by a professional technician. A repair can add life to your washing machine and save you from spending money on a costly new machine.