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Ice Maker Problems Solved

Your refrigerator's ice maker might not be the most necessary appliance of them all, but when it's on the fritz, you definitely notice it. This little luxury can fail for a variety of reasons. Whether your ice maker stops making ice, gets clogged, or has some other issue, fixing it as soon as possible is always on a homeowner's must-do list.
How can you fix your broken ice maker? To start with, remember that not all ice maker issues are jobs for the novice or weekend DIY warrior. It's likely that you'll need professional help to get the ice back in your life.
If you're not sure what type of issue requires an expert's help, and what you can handle on your own, take a look at some of the most common ice maker meltdowns.

Clogged Water Line​

Toilets and sinks aren't the only parts of your home that can clog. A clog in the water line can cause your ice maker to stop working. Without a steady stream of water, your ice maker has nothing to freeze.
There are a few different reasons behind a clog. Obviously something is stuck somewhere in the line. But unlike your kitchen sink drain, it's not likely to be gunk and grime or some sort of waste. In most cases, frozen water is clogging the line, making it impossible for the liquid to pass through.
Defrosting the freezer or unplugging the fridge will provide the warmth the line needs to unfreeze. If this doesn't work, you can't find the clog, or the ice simply won't melt for you, a professional appliance repair person can fix the line and get your ice maker working again. When the clog is gone, the water will flow and the ice should start freezing again.

Control Arm Positioning

The control arm pauses the ice maker when the bin is full. This prevents ice cubes from spilling into your freezer. When the control arm accidentally activates the bin's pause feature even though the bin isn’t full, all ice making stops.
Even though the pause feature is a helpful one, when you bump it, something falls on it, ice jams it, or it malfunctions, you won't get any ice. The easiest fix is to move the control arm back into position. But if this doesn't work and the pause mode is still in effect, you may need a professional repair technician to step in. The expert can assess the arm and repair/replace the parts as needed.

Clogged Filter​

The water line isn't the only part of an ice maker that can clog. The ice maker's filter removes debris, making sure that your ice is crystal clear. If you don't maintain the filter regularly, it can clog. This prevents the ice maker from working, which stops or reduces the flow of water.
Don't worry about getting a new ice maker just yet. Replacing the filter should solve this problem. If you aren't sure where the filter is, if it's actually clogged, or how to replace it, a repair technician can remove it and install a new one.

Water Supply​

The ice maker's water line needs a supply. If the supply stops, or the line breaks, you won't have fresh ice. Check to make sure that the water supply line is attached to your home's water line. If not, an appliance service tech can reattach it or recommend a way to replace it.
Did your ice maker stop making ice? Contact CRC Appliance Repair Service for more information. We can troubleshoot and repair your machine so you can enjoy cool drinks again.